Anwar Hadi's

Amboi, title post 'glam' sangat hahaha. I mean, Anwar Hadi's (questions) ✌ hehehe. I found them actually hard to answer, but here are what I could think of anyway :

1. If you had a time-machine, and that time machine could travel both backwards and forwards in time, when would you travel to and why? What would you do there?

I'd choose to travel forwards, and if I were to given the exact time, 10 years ahead. I wanna see a 'stable' settled womanized version of myself, well hopefully I'm doing something great at that moment. I'd love to congratulate myself for getting there and thank the people who made me reach to that age/level. (Ah, tearing up right now thinking of future) 

2. What's one thing you've spent too much money on but don't regret?

Emmm, I'm not really a spender actually. But, I think it'd be my iPhone 5S (if it doesn't include my parents' money that I spent). I did buy the phone solely using my own money (my MARA allowance) and yep, not regretting any penny hehe. 

3. What's one thing you own that you should probably throw away but never will?

This is rather a super hard to answer, idk (or I don't have any) really. 

4. What's something you thought was true for a long time until you found out that you were wrong?

I spent quite a few minutes (half an hour) trying to think of the answer for this question, so for now this is it; I thought (when I was still teen) that my skin condition would get better when I get to my 20-ish age, but it doesn't, still. Most people around me (usually akak-akak and makcik-makcik) told me to calm and just don't think about it too much yet and wait till I age 20s and all my skin problems will go away bla bla bla and I truly believed them. And up till today, nahh it turns out that I actually need to 'work' so hard to get better healthier skin and not just sit and wait for miracle. This is a sad fact indeed. I feel deceived :(

5. What is the best possible future discovery or invention?

Cure to cancer, or even better, complete eradication of cancers, ALL of them. 

6. What is the worst piece of advice you have ever received?

Be the first one to say 'Hi'. (Urgh) 

7. Do you think you are "weird"? Why or why not?

Not at all, I'm too ordinarily-ordinary for the world lol.

8. What was the last question you answered "I don't know" to? Did you ever try to find out the answer?

Question number 3. Tried to think so hard, still couldn't find one. 

9. If you were forced to work a job that you're not passionate about for 20 years, but you get to choose what that job is, what would it be?

Prime Minister, I just wanna have the experience(s) and the 'feel' having to control the country in my hands. I don't think I'll ever love the job but yeah, back at the question.

10. What has art (paintings, literature, movies, songs, etc.) taught you that nothing else has ever been able to?

Word(s), even the simplest and shortest one (in songs, movies, books) could make you wail and give you the feeling/touch you've never had.  

11. Nak makan kat mana?

Anywhere that got char kuey tiow. Ahh, so sedap (drooling excessively)!

This is so fun! Because I'm always idea-less what to write in my blog. Hope you enjoy mine, and I want everyone else to do this questionnaire-thing more, fire questions away and give me some tough time to think of the answers at least to make my brain work haha. I appreciate it if you read all my answers, and I'd love to hear yours, pleaseee!

Good day, everyone! xoxo