The overdue post

Hi lovesssss! Hehe this is like an extremely overdue new-year-post. Phewww, I've been trying to write for quite a couple of times, but too bad my brain didn't work so well :(

But here I am, brainstorming ideas to shout them out at you people! What should I start telling you first? Hmm, okay let's do some 2016 recap, shall we?

2016 had been nothing but the best thing ever happened to me, alhamdulillah. It's the year I learned a lot about myself, and of course, the people around me. Allow me to say that it's the year I let myself do things I've been refraining myself to involve with. And, to my amazement, those unusual things actually made me feel much better rather than feeling self-indulgent of just staying in my comfort zone.

So that's 2016 in a para. What's for 2017? Nothing, but more happiness and more better self, I wish so. These days, at least for this past 1 month and a half, my life's not really up to anything good. Same old routine, flat feelings most of the time, nothing to look forward to everyday and other uninteresting parts. I know I need to fix something with my own self, but I have not yet get to find that switch/trigger for me to figure out whether to keep it on or off or change to a better switch.

I guess I need a long break from the same routine, which I'm reallllyyyyy looking forward for the long one month school break in this coming June inshaAllah. And, I get to celebrate Raya with family again, yeay me!! My heart and soul need refreshment, they seriously do. Let's hope for better days ahead, ameen.

Oh and yes, I totally forgot to include the best part hehehe which is the EUROPE TRIP! Thank God for the short 1 week break, it was indeed the highlight of the month. See, I told you, we all need some break; to refresh ourselves, to see new amazing things, to get new insights of the world and importantly our own lives etc.

I wish I can take breaks whenever I want to, but sadly the world doesn't revolve just around me. I need to be realistic and learn to live better, not to complain more.

Good day, people! God bless, xoxo ;)

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