Hi! I am back in Jordan after my 11 days of Raya holiday. It was super short but it was the best holiday I had so far.

I had the plan of going back for Raya since last year because you know, I won't get another chance of going back for raya any other time not after graduating at least -.- huhu. Bought the flight ticket few weeks before Ramadhan started without my parents knowledge. Was thinking of how I am gonna do the surprise, so I planned with my aunt to pick me up at KLIA and go balik kampung with her.

Time went by and so I was on my way back to Malaysia, but mom seemed to have the instinct of something is happening hahaha. She kept texting me that day asking where I was, what I ate for berbuka sahur and all. I was being very cautious so that she won't suspect anything. Here comes the day of our balik kampung. My aunt, Cikde told mom that she's going to bring her friend to berbuka together with our family. But the traffic was quite heavy on that day so we didn't make it in time for berbuka but mom insisted Cikde to still bring 'her friend' to eat at ours as my sisters were waiting for us while mom and dad were going for terawikh at masjid. Lol, plan changed a bit!

Cikde and I was very 'cuak' takut kena bebel dengan my parents hahaha. But we made it home at around 9 pm. my sister opened the door for us and there she went 'Eh, Along balikkkkk!!' Priceless! Adik was terdiam for few seconds tak percaya that her beloved Along is back. Hahahaha. Angah pulak kept telling me that she suspected this since it's weird for Cikde to bring friend home for berbuka. So Cikde and I ate dinner as quick and we can so that we can 'sambut' my parents home.

Okay, sound of car approaching the garage. Gosh, I was ketar lutut a bit. Parents opened the door and there I was standing in the living room. Mom was terdiammm and suddenly she cried 'Anak aku balikkkkk' awwwwhhhh the tears that I've missed :') Mom seemed to can't let go of the hug hehe, soooo good to be home! And so glad that they were all surprised! Yeayyy, berjaya buat surprise return haha. And that's it of my raya story. The best part of my raya this year, alhamdulillah.

The 5 days of raya in Malaysia was the best raya everrrr! Compensation of two years tak beraya with family hehe the happiness and blessings are real thank God :) Hope it's not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya to everyone, Maaf Zahir Batin. May all the goods be with you all the times.