Fun facts!


Excuse me for the upcoming words that might come in this post, I'm (just) suddenly feeling this kind of narcissism. Since I know no strangers really gonna read this post, so here we go for some fun facts I want you to know about me (yes, I want you to know).

I don't edit photos I posted on my social media accounts, I just posted them directly if they come from my phone. So, if they are edited photos, you know that they're not from my phone camera. Okay?

I can get very emotional when it comes to One Direction, especially for the rest of this year, oh you better know why. But urm I still feel kinda guilty (it's guilty pleasure) for being head over heals for this boy band I've been fandom-ing for 5 years but it's okay, I can get over this when I grow older.

I don't really hate people, let's say I can't hate people and I don't have enemies I wish no one hates me but if they do, please don't let me know or I'll feel so bad about myself. I might dislike some people but hate urm maybe that's a too strong word to live with, I choose to not hate anyone, as no one really has done anything bad to me.

I'm not the kind of (any) geek. I'm not an enthusiast reader, passionate med student, or whatever. If I read, I don't do serious things, or I do but occasionally, very, I'm just too lazy to be philosophical. And if I study, I don't like to tell people I'm studying cause if I tell you I study then you ask me things I can't answer for what I already studied I will feel soooo like a fool. Haha pathetic!

I'm soooo gonna write more but I need to get my beauty sleep. Another fact aha! Aren't all stated above fun facts? Lol, let's assume this is just some kind of random unnecessary rants you read for fun! Haha.

Goodnight! I miss random chats with random people, actually. Well, take care peeps! Xoxo.