Salam and Hi. Wow, time moves surely so fast that today is already 3rd February.

I'm happy and sad at the same time now. Happy as time doesn't stop moving so that I can graduate faster (metaphor obviously) and leave Jordan as fast as I can! Haha. And quite sad because I'd have to say 'I'm 22 years old' whenever anyone asks throughout the year, oh my God isn't that one big number? It isssss! It's like carrying one whole adult responsibilities on my shoulder, minus boyfriend, jobs and okay I give up, I know I'm not that adult adult that has got like a lot of things to settle on my own (even my studies are paid by MARA citttt) but still lah, thinking that urmm I'm too close to being adult is worrisome okay. Okay!

How's life? None of your business pfffttt haha no, gurau je tapi nothing that significant to be shared with you, everyday is a normal day for me so yeah, good days and bad days are not beyond our control but yessss I survived one whole month of January! Alhamdulillah for every single thing.

Let's write up some life goals and 2016 resolution shall we? I would love to make two separate lists of the general life goals and the yearly resolution. (Gah, I never did this kind of thing. Okay you can tell that I'm not really an organized person I never had a planner, even. Haha kayh.)

2016 resolution! (They are not numbered according to importance)

1. Read 10 books.
2. Khatam al Quran two times.
3. Plan a reunion or gathering with primary school friends.
4. Spend two nights at Tok's place, sleep and spend the nights with her.
5. Go to Penang with girlfriends.
6. Balik raya Malaysia.
7. Travel with housemates.
8. Cook nasi ayam on my own without anyone's help.
9. Wear shawls to class and wear it more often.
10. Buy my very first lipstick.
11. Study one whole night without any interruptions once per week.

Ah, so blank! I don't know what else to write :( just say that I'll update the list with time, whenever something pops in mind. Don't laugh at my number 9 and 10 on the list, God I am just trying to be more woman-ly haha please, I am not Mr Jam's baby girl anymore, I am frigging her 22 year old second woman hahahaha. Oh, and the life goals would be on other post, that should be a serious list huh. Okay till then, human! Let's work this thing together! Good luck with your life xoxo.

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  1. Yang no 11 tu yang susah sikit tu haha but you can do this Mai! We can do this!


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