Hi! I am back in Jordan after my 11 days of Raya holiday. It was super short but it was the best holiday I had so far.

I had the plan of going back for Raya since last year because you know, I won't get another chance of going back for raya any other time not after graduating at least -.- huhu. Bought the flight ticket few weeks before Ramadhan started without my parents knowledge. Was thinking of how I am gonna do the surprise, so I planned with my aunt to pick me up at KLIA and go balik kampung with her.

Time went by and so I was on my way back to Malaysia, but mom seemed to have the instinct of something is happening hahaha. She kept texting me that day asking where I was, what I ate for berbuka sahur and all. I was being very cautious so that she won't suspect anything. Here comes the day of our balik kampung. My aunt, Cikde told mom that she's going to bring her friend to berbuka together with our family. But the traffic was quite heavy on that day so we didn't make it in time for berbuka but mom insisted Cikde to still bring 'her friend' to eat at ours as my sisters were waiting for us while mom and dad were going for terawikh at masjid. Lol, plan changed a bit!

Cikde and I was very 'cuak' takut kena bebel dengan my parents hahaha. But we made it home at around 9 pm. my sister opened the door for us and there she went 'Eh, Along balikkkkk!!' Priceless! Adik was terdiam for few seconds tak percaya that her beloved Along is back. Hahahaha. Angah pulak kept telling me that she suspected this since it's weird for Cikde to bring friend home for berbuka. So Cikde and I ate dinner as quick and we can so that we can 'sambut' my parents home.

Okay, sound of car approaching the garage. Gosh, I was ketar lutut a bit. Parents opened the door and there I was standing in the living room. Mom was terdiammm and suddenly she cried 'Anak aku balikkkkk' awwwwhhhh the tears that I've missed :') Mom seemed to can't let go of the hug hehe, soooo good to be home! And so glad that they were all surprised! Yeayyy, berjaya buat surprise return haha. And that's it of my raya story. The best part of my raya this year, alhamdulillah.

The 5 days of raya in Malaysia was the best raya everrrr! Compensation of two years tak beraya with family hehe the happiness and blessings are real thank God :) Hope it's not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya to everyone, Maaf Zahir Batin. May all the goods be with you all the times.

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Updating my life (not really). Just feel like sharing moments happened in my life these few days. I am now currently in my third rotation in my first clinical year of medicine. Time surely is moving too fast that this is my last clinical rotation of the year! Alhamdulillah for everything that happened, be it good or bad. I learned a lot, and I want to learn more.

Ended pediatrics rotation three weeks ago (approximately) and all I could say is that was the best rotation I had so far to compare with Internal Medicine (and Surgery, but I can't really tell cause I'm just in the 2nd week of surgery rotation). I learned a lot more in paeds, but thinking back in times, that might be because I just learned the hard way from the previous rotation, so I was kind of more aware and focus in my studies for the next, hence I think I did better in pediatrics but I don't know so erm, yeah whatever. Apart from that, I also got the chance to see more rare and awesome clinical cases in this rotation, the internal medicine rotation was kinda dull as there weren't many rare cases to see, so yes and also some of the medical procedures that the doctors showed us in wards. So interesting! What I like the most is the doctorsssss in pediatrics, awwww they were so nice and humble and very lovely, fatherly and motherly to us :') I got it why they are so, because they involve with those cute pure souls everyday, and that's how they should be to be able to gain all the trusts and confidence from the small patients and importantly, the parents.

Another thing is that, this rotation was like an eye-opener to me, I could see how true is the love of the parents to their children that they might suddenly cry by just telling us stories of how their babies got sick. *now I somewhat know how hard yet beautiful the feeling of having children of our own* HAHA, konon je padahal tak rasa anything pun tapi macam seronok je ada babies sendiri hihi cepatlah grad and kerja, nak kahwin. 

The least best thing about pediatrics is emmm I still have no idea how to deal with kids, urgh I suck at this T.T but the good thing is I slowly started to 'like' kids, affectionately. And, the exam :( I did bad for the Mini OSCE, the questions were hard, justifying myself since everyone said so. Although I think I did quite good in the OSCE, but the marks was not that good, Ah, it's okay they're just numbers (although it's not just numbers tbh) but again, that's just what everyone is saying, marks do not represent your skill, hmmm but it was still good, alhamdulillah, at least it's not that bad :) just that I wish I got better marks for my efforts (ops, my bad, I know I shouldn't say this)

Looking forward for all the good moments and experiences I'll be having in surgery rotation (8 weeks left) and all the best to everyone! May the odds be with you ;)

One with the groupmates in front of KAUH

Fun facts!


Excuse me for the upcoming words that might come in this post, I'm (just) suddenly feeling this kind of narcissism. Since I know no strangers really gonna read this post, so here we go for some fun facts I want you to know about me (yes, I want you to know).

I don't edit photos I posted on my social media accounts, I just posted them directly if they come from my phone. So, if they are edited photos, you know that they're not from my phone camera. Okay?

I can get very emotional when it comes to One Direction, especially for the rest of this year, oh you better know why. But urm I still feel kinda guilty (it's guilty pleasure) for being head over heals for this boy band I've been fandom-ing for 5 years but it's okay, I can get over this when I grow older.

I don't really hate people, let's say I can't hate people and I don't have enemies I wish no one hates me but if they do, please don't let me know or I'll feel so bad about myself. I might dislike some people but hate urm maybe that's a too strong word to live with, I choose to not hate anyone, as no one really has done anything bad to me.

I'm not the kind of (any) geek. I'm not an enthusiast reader, passionate med student, or whatever. If I read, I don't do serious things, or I do but occasionally, very, I'm just too lazy to be philosophical. And if I study, I don't like to tell people I'm studying cause if I tell you I study then you ask me things I can't answer for what I already studied I will feel soooo like a fool. Haha pathetic!

I'm soooo gonna write more but I need to get my beauty sleep. Another fact aha! Aren't all stated above fun facts? Lol, let's assume this is just some kind of random unnecessary rants you read for fun! Haha.

Goodnight! I miss random chats with random people, actually. Well, take care peeps! Xoxo.


Salam and Hi. Wow, time moves surely so fast that today is already 3rd February.

I'm happy and sad at the same time now. Happy as time doesn't stop moving so that I can graduate faster (metaphor obviously) and leave Jordan as fast as I can! Haha. And quite sad because I'd have to say 'I'm 22 years old' whenever anyone asks throughout the year, oh my God isn't that one big number? It isssss! It's like carrying one whole adult responsibilities on my shoulder, minus boyfriend, jobs and okay I give up, I know I'm not that adult adult that has got like a lot of things to settle on my own (even my studies are paid by MARA citttt) but still lah, thinking that urmm I'm too close to being adult is worrisome okay. Okay!

How's life? None of your business pfffttt haha no, gurau je tapi nothing that significant to be shared with you, everyday is a normal day for me so yeah, good days and bad days are not beyond our control but yessss I survived one whole month of January! Alhamdulillah for every single thing.

Let's write up some life goals and 2016 resolution shall we? I would love to make two separate lists of the general life goals and the yearly resolution. (Gah, I never did this kind of thing. Okay you can tell that I'm not really an organized person I never had a planner, even. Haha kayh.)

2016 resolution! (They are not numbered according to importance)

1. Read 10 books.
2. Khatam al Quran two times.
3. Plan a reunion or gathering with primary school friends.
4. Spend two nights at Tok's place, sleep and spend the nights with her.
5. Go to Penang with girlfriends.
6. Balik raya Malaysia.
7. Travel with housemates.
8. Cook nasi ayam on my own without anyone's help.
9. Wear shawls to class and wear it more often.
10. Buy my very first lipstick.
11. Study one whole night without any interruptions once per week.

Ah, so blank! I don't know what else to write :( just say that I'll update the list with time, whenever something pops in mind. Don't laugh at my number 9 and 10 on the list, God I am just trying to be more woman-ly haha please, I am not Mr Jam's baby girl anymore, I am frigging her 22 year old second woman hahahaha. Oh, and the life goals would be on other post, that should be a serious list huh. Okay till then, human! Let's work this thing together! Good luck with your life xoxo.