Updating you my current life!

Have nothing in mind at this moment but wanna write anyway leuls.

Hi. Feeling so adult lately haha don't know why, hmm maybe because 2016 is coming soooo soon so yes, 22 years of living so urmm okay.

What happened lately? Hospitals, notes, medical textbooks and repeat. Haha, sounds soooo nerdy but well, am trying to be one! Seriously, I always wanted to be that kind of person others would acknowledge as fuyyyoooo nerd-nya that girl hahahaha berangan sangat *tangan ke bahu please*. Nak bajet nerd pun tak mampu sebab memang susah sebenarnya tak tahu lah kenapa but I cannot lah hidup buku study buku study all the time. But I looooveeeee studying, I mean I suka gila moment macam sekarang ni whenever I ada banyak notes to finish and I open few medical websites and medical textbook for the sake of studying the diseases walaaaaa so cool, no? Hahaha. Okay, doakan I jadi nerd macam all those scorers, eh?

Well, my internal medicine rotation is coming to its end :( yesss, as this is my first rotation, I learned soooo many things good and bad throughout this 11 weeks. Things are always getting better by day. Not to mention, my super duper awesome and wallah, very helpful and cheerful and you mention lah all the goods you can expect from these guys ah, so good to have them around, each one of them (we have 17 members in our clinical group). Maybe sebab kitorang the Malaysians pun jenis yang tak pemalu and bising banyak tanya itu ini so diorang pun jadi very mesra very open to talk about anything haha. I never had Arab friends before (lol 2 tahun pre-clinical memang avoid Arabs, really) but never thought it would be this good to know these people weeee hoping sampai 6th year lah stay as one happy group :')

Another good thing is, alhamdulillah my mom is getting sooo much in better state of health. It's been one year surviving the battle, doakan lah semoga all the bad things tu semua dah hilang totally from her body :') Can't wait to get back home and celebrate! Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. Tapi thinking of home, ah homesick makin menjadi jadi since cuti pun tak announce lagi bila (I mean, tak tahu jadi ke tak our batch nak pinda cuti make it longer) hmm. Everyone in the family dah start tanya bila balik, pastu diorang pujuk suruh balik raya huwaaaa, sedihnya Jordan tak macam other countries yang ada 3 months holiday :(

But deep inside, I'm missing my Tokki so badly. Nak nangis je lately kalau teringat. Arwah Tokki left us last Ramadhan 27th and I wasn't there. Sedihnyaaa thinking he is now alone in a world we don't know what's happening to him. Doa je lah mampu, hoping Allah forgives everything he did in past and may he be placed in good place with the solihins, inshaAllah. One thing I feel bad about is that Tokki while he was alive banyak je complain sakit itu ini tapi I time tu tak reti pape pun lagi nak tolong dia, I feel so bad rasa macam helpless nya jadi cucu yang study medicine and sekarang bila masuk clinical doctors ajar all those symptoms baru sedar arwah Tokki dulu ada those penyakit. Sedihnyaaaaa :'( Tokki is the only atuk I have since atuk on Abah's side left us even before I was born. People come and go kan, and semua Allah dah plan. We just have to accept His plans with open heart. I know, and semoga I tak lupa untuk sentiasa doakan arwah Tokki, amiiiinnn.

Rinduuuuunya everyone back home, especially my family. Cepatlah time fliessssss rasa macam lama sangat being away from home (since Form One dah jauh haih) tapi pengorbanan belajar kan, huhuhuhu semoga Allah kira as usaha nak dapat syurga Dia lah, inshaAllah.

Better off now since I have my OSCE in one week time wooo! Okay, may everyone is in good state of health and good mental health juga, jangan stress stress okayyyyy.