Meeting real patients!

Forth year of medschool, and I'm three weeks in. Dari hari first class and almost everyday, our lecturers keep reminding us how life's not gonna be easy after this, how committed we have to be towards our  job etc. Fuhhh, to be honest life is indeed hard and getting harder by day T.T

It feels so wrong to whine but sometimes I can't deny my feelings. No, there aren't any big things or major problems I have now to compare with some other unfortunate people, just some part of getting adapted I reckon. InshaAllah, we will all get better everyday. Medicine is all about knowledge, passion and most importantly, practice! But still, the problem I have to encounter everyday at the hospital is the non-understood words from the patients :( but hmmm okay, learn more and believe you can do this, Mai!

So, how's clinical life going on here? Well, to be honest during our pre clinical years, we rarely got classes for more than 5 hours per day but life's really changed now, we have to start our daily routines at 8 am everyday and end at 4pm!

Clinical life is basically one fun thing that medical students would look up to. I mean, it feels good when you are able to meet the real patients, talking to them asking their complaints, trying to diagnose the disease, reading patients' cases from the files and a lot more awesome things! Language is one thing, but what we mostly do is just taking as much as information we can get by history taking from the patients then go directly to our Jordanian friends (groupmates) for any non understood words or complaints, then discussing the case with them and tadaaaaa we are able now to understand the cases! It's tiring actually to talk while trying to figure out the words coming out from the patients, but it's okay, it trains our brain to 'multitasking' lol.

No other fancy things I would like to share for now, as I have to go study because introductory course examination is in one week time! Good luck for me and friends!