So hi! It's been ages since I last dropped anything good here. Maybe because I'm up to no good. Nah, kidding. I was having my great great one month (plus) holiday! I went to Turkey for 18 days, had so much fun there and got back in Jordan for the rest 3 weeks of holiday, and all I can say is I was having such a kind of holiday I always wanted though I know that'd be better if I were in Malaysia but hey, it's okay it's not that I haven't been home for more than 6 months, right?

What I really love about holidays is that I can enjoy all my nothing-to-do days at home in my very own way. And the best part is I can read as much books as I want! And I did quite well for this holiday, I read urmmm can't remember the number of books, but I enjoyed all the books! The number is not that matters, enjoying my readings does. It's soooo lovely that I don't have to rush reading the books and I can read them in my own ways every day every night. Ah, heavennn!

I don't really blame the medschool for my lack of time to spend for my self reading, it's just me who don't know how to allocate time strategically for studies and reading novels hmm. I envy some of my friends who can still read loads of non medical textbooks/notes even when we are in that pack-school-semester. My bad :(

I kinda love doing book reviews, but no maybe I'll just keep those reviews by myself cause I'm bad at giving reviews lol. And I'm excited that I'm now following numbers of book instagram-ers, they've got good feeds and they are all about books! Whoaaaa, envy envy envy cry cry huhu.

If I were to number books I've read, I can only say that I read much much more when I was in primary and high schools, to compare with these days. But it's okay the interest and hype is still here whenever I see books. Oh lastly, yeah by books I mean novels and young adults genre obviously cause I don't do mature serious reading haha. That's why (for whatever you might think of me) haha okay till then!

Getting into my first clinical year out of three in two days time inshaAllah :)

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