It was one time last year I started to think that life principle(s) is/are nonsense. Oh wait, don't get me wrong, I might have said it in a wrong way that you're about to oppose everything I'm gonna say now haha. And I actually (to be honest) have no idea how to put this thing in words.

I found something pretty cool yet simple to absorb here, that I searched before I decided to write things here, basically my Reference. It's true that we must have at least one life principle that we should always look up whenever something happen to us, so that we have something to hold on to keep us moving or living or whatever that suits. Well, this is what everyone (maybe not) said.

My points would be, okay let me give you an example. Hmm, bayangkan selama hidup ni kita dah berpegang dengan satu prinsip hidup contohnya, 'buat baik perpada pada, buat jahat jangan sekali', tapi boleh tak kalau nak kata yang there will be times yang kita tak boleh nak amalkan atau berpegang to this konon-life-principle? Ni contoh yang tak berapa baik lah, sebab ni je yang terfikir buat masa sekarang. I have lots lots more dalam kepala tapi tak boleh keluarkan, ah screw you memory consolidation!

Because it happened to this particular person that I know who had been holding to this one life principle (not the example I gave previously), ada suatu masa dia kena give up dengan segala yang dia berpegang tu, sebab bukan semua situasi berpihak atau boleh dirujuk kepada perkara yang dia pegang lama tu.

Things are not that simple, but I'm making it as simple as I want because the longer I write, the complicated it would turn out. Haha so what and why am I talking about this? Basically to state that, ermm bukanlah jangan ada life principle, but it's totally fine to live without one. Perkara dan situasi yang kita akan lalui takkan pernah sama, dan bagi yang menulis ni, tak pernah ada satu pegangan yang teguh pun (excluding pegangan agama - which I (We) must indeed have a strong faith in God, rukun iman kena teguh lah) sebab for me, to hold on for something that tight macam limitkan your thinking or anything lah. It's kinda restricting you untuk think out of the box which eventually will make you creating more mistakes in life. I don't know, I'm nobody to judge anybody. Sorry, I'm just trying to be out of norm. I'm trying that hard, huh? Haha pity me. Bye!

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  1. The right principle is, other than this one principle, there is no other always right principle. Haha. Ngelat.


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