What will you do when you feel sad?

To be honest, I don't understand myself very well. In my point of view, I do think I am that type of girl who keeps sending others motivational words and quotes on being positive etc but me myself feel bad about life almost everyday. Sigh.

But I guess this is just part of growing up. Haha, the irony. Growing up should mean we know how to control our feelings but why am I saying this kind of attitude of mine is part of growing up? Lol, whatever. I don't mind how you think of me from all my own craps. Please laugh at my lame jokes, please ha ha ha.

Again, I was attacked by this monster that I call 'sadness pill' earlier tonight. I tried to look for the reasons, but they didn't seem any solid one. Surely, something is happening that somehow contributed to all these monsters attacking me tonight. Maybe, I overthink. Then, I realised that I should know well how to handle this kind of unstable emotions. Until when should I feel good then sad then good again then back to being sad. That's pathetic you know, and I don't want to feel so. I want to at least know what to do if I suddenly being attacked again. Do you mind to share any of your tips to overcome sadness that seems not real to be felt so, frankly?

Luckily I have good friends around me who constantly being soooo 'jaga tepi kain orang' punya perangai. Hahaha, that should be a compliment. They sure will come to realise whenever I feel bad about myself. Like what just happened less than half an hour before I started writing this, I just got a text message to open my house door and look what's waiting for me outside. And tadaaa, a very sweet friend of mine left or hanged at the door a plastic bag with a bar of chocolate. She told me she actually bought that for her own therapy but she thought that I need it more. Urgh, why are there so many good people in this world? I'm blessed, totally. Even when I know there are still people who continuously making me feel bad about myself even more, but yeah let's eliminate those people shall we? Haha.

I come across few tips that I think I finally found out ways to at least help me to slowly get rid of all these bad feelings. Let's start listing down tips!

1. Think of all good people around you. If you can't think of any, try to flashback any random people who had done good deed to you, perhaps who helped you in any small things that you didn't expect helps from anyone but they did? There must be at least one person, right?

2. Open your journal, diary or anything that you wrote motivational quotations copied from whatever sources. If you don't have one, try to read back texts or messages or notes that anyone ever gave you, written there good wise words of wisdom. I just opened a piece of love letter from my senior, indeed it helped boosting my mood back again.

3. When you feel sad, give other people reason to feel good. Just now, I texted one of my friend, I randomly sent her few sayings on how to become strong and passionate about living, even me myself was feeling worse. With Allah's will, you surely will find the happiness by making others feel good.

I have no idea to continue the list. I tried to read novel, but the mood is not there so it doesn't really help (at least for tonight). In a nutshell, I think it's totally fine to feel sad sometimes because God created us with feelings, He gave us those good and bad feelings. But what we gotta do is to find solutions on how to feel and regain happiness and appreciate life even more.

I would love to know what you guys do when you feel sad, you mind to share with me any? :')


Assalamualaikum :)

Keputusan SPM 2014 dah pun diumumkan dan tahniah untuk semua! And I can tell that everyone of those SPM leavers are currently doing calculations on pursuing studies; what course to be taken, which university, which country. So, basically as for me, I would love to hear you guys telling me you're going to do medicine! Yes, you are absolutely welcomed to this line. I do agree with some of my colleagues who said 'Tak payah lah ambik medic, buat sakit kepala,' 'Medik ni takde life,'. True that, doing medicine (dentistry also) is a very tough thing, you have to commit to your studies over every other things. But why should I object your passion and interest, no? If you really insist on doing medicine, then just go! You must have heard from seniors or even your own family that being a doctor is not easy, the journey takes you to give all out in life, sacrificing teenage lives and etc. Then, as for me you know it's not an easy thing and you still being passionate on being one, so why not? You must have a strong heart and soul because you know hard things await you along this line.

As an already third year medical student (inshaAllah), I am going to tell you that it takes a very very very strong person with a big soul to be a doctor. Throughout my three years (two and half to be exact) of studying; bad results, all those cries and regrets do come almost every time in my life. I have to realise that I was no longer in high school where getting straight A's is not that hard. No! I'm in medical school where even getting 70 for a subject is like a rare thing to happen (at least to me). Haha, what you have to do is be strong, get up and have the will to do better and yes, do better everyday and get better all the time! You have to have the real passion or else, I tell you ; you are wasting your life on an extremely challenging thing. And, ada je those yang quit medical school sebab di tengah tengah jalan, they found out medical line doesn't suit them. It's okay, kadang kadang kita tak jumpa the real jalan lagi, so bila ada peluang kita cuba. Kadang kadang kita jumpa passion sebenar tu lambat, dan it's totally fine, life is about learning and trying new things.

How to continue studying in Jordan?
Well, to be honest if you want to do medicine, I suggest you not to further to countries that are using foreign language (Arabs especially). Negara yang guna English is exceptional. Betul je, belajar bahasa tu bagus, cuma kalau rasa diri tak kuat untuk hari hari stress dengan locals yang tak tahu bercakap dalam English dan tak faham what they talk about, you better don't lah. Sebab as for me, alahai dah berapa kali menangis sebab susah nak communicate dengan Arabs here in Jordan. I learned Arabic Language in high school for 4 years tapi macam tak berguna langsung sebab yes, kat sekolah belajar a very basic level, haha. But if you insisted, then go apply for MARA Program Ijazah Luar Negara (PILN) yang ada pilihan untuk Medicine / Dentistry for 6 and 5 years respectively. You guys will be doing preparation for about 3 months in INTEC (International Education College) then bila dah lulus prep, inshaAllah direct fly to Jordan dan hidup lah di sini for 6 or 5 years depending on the course taken. But one thing I'm very sure; you will end your medical school earlier if you are in Jordan (or Egypt) since you will not have to take one or two year preparation such as A-level or IB. So, for those who can't afford to spend longer time for preparation (but they are good from what I can see, really), choose middle east then!

Oh, I would love to invite you to read one of my favourite MARA essay (not mine of course). Jangan tiru, tapi baca lah to give you exposure or details what to write or what to tell the interviewer later. InshaAllah membantu. Here the MARA essay click the word sample - ( SAMPLE ).

The conclusion is, pilih course yang paling sesuai dengan diri you. Tak kisah lah di mata orang lain nampak macam mana pun, tapi you are what you do, you akan nak kerja dan hidup dengan apa yang you study. So, good luck on making decision! Do good, be good :)