I got to think for hundred times before I finally decided to write this post. I don't know, but somehow I think it's immature to post about feelings on social media (twitter is exceptional). I'm sorry tho if this post is going to annoy you or whatever because I just feel like writing what I currently feel.

Growing up is totally not an easy thing to deal with. Growing up means you will have weird feelings most of the time, where you will start having crushes, favourite persons from different genders. I don't know others, but in some ways I feel uneasy to have these kind of feelings. It does disturb me sometimes. But they said, we are all grown up, those are common things to experience. Oh wait, why am I saying these things? Urgh, I even get annoyed with myself.

I'm not saying it's a sin to have feelings and so. But we have to deal with it professionally. Don't let your feelings ruin your life. There's a lot of people out there do silly stupid immoral things for the sake of love or whatever feelings (even hatred is a feeling, no?). Can't they think wisely? And some people say, you will get blinded by love. Oh how funny that is. You blinded yourself! Do it right, there's no such rule as you have to follow and do whatever you think you want for you to get love. You get me? I don't know how should I explain this in a good way to make it understandable. My bad, I'm sorry.

When it comes to love, yes I have to agree. I'm such a girl with a loving heart (okay I have to laugh HAHA), no what I mean is that I can easily fall for people around me. I mean, I just love anyone no matter who he/she is, how long I know that person. And I found no reason for not loving people you claim as friends, family or whatever you call them. There are even few people start claiming myself as weird for me to easily say 'I love you' or 'I like you' to anyone. Come on, there's no wrong doing so, right? I lovveee telling people how much I love them so that they know there are people who love them. Yea, because I need that kind of confession too. There will be times when you feel very bad and the world seems keep tumbling down, then there comes someone telling you they love you. Isn't that sweet? Haha. So, I really hope you won't feel bad if I'm such a freak for keep saying 'I love you I like you' or so at someone. But I don't really practice that now, not like when I was in high school back then haha. It's weird for people to always get misunderstood when it comes to different-gender-friendship-loves. Everyone should be more open minded. Does it have to be couple-love for a girl saying I love you or I like you at a boy? Nah, I always believe in friendship-love. And as for me, it's totally fine to say the 'love phrase' even to your different gender best friend. But yes, I have to agree not everyone thinks like the way I do. So I should have not do what people don't. Sorry, our world is a total different.

Another thing to talk about feelings. There will also times when you feel uncertain with what you feel. You are not certain whether you are feeling right or what. That's why, you have to turn to Lord, ask guidance from Him cause He always knows what's good or what's bad for us.

Thank you for reading. I'm open for advises.


  1. honestly, I dont really believe in platonic love cause eventually one of them will fall for the other (in most of the cases) which will totally ruin the friendship *based on experience*

    but, not every cases turn out to be like that, it depends but i wont take the risk anymore ;)


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