There's only one day declared as Mother's Day, but everyday is days to appreciate and being nice to your moms. That's my definite believe about Mother's Day as there's so many people keep saying bad things about the day. I know, this started not from Islam but I believe, we Muslims know our limits and rules, we know we're not doing things in remembrance of the history of the day created by the non-Muslims. But, it's nice to at least we remark this one special day to alarm everyone to keep their mind back to thinking and appreciating the first woman in everyone's life. Because I also believe that, not everyone remember his/her mom every day. Wallahualam, only He knows best. May He keep us away from bad things.

Alhamdulillah, for past 19 years, I had Ummi by my side watching me growing, having ears to my stories, be my crying shoulder, being someone I feel comfort hugging, and there's a lot more to tell about her which I can never able to list. Ummi is a very sweet person, a very fragile woman but she got a strong soul. She's always the first to cry tears, first to worry about everything. Ummi is always my first woman, inshaAllah.

This morning was a teary one. I suddenly remembered Cik Ti (Abah's older sister). She's arwah already (al Fatihah). I wanted to write about her, because she's one of great mom I ever met. 

Cik Ti lost her husband long time ago (he died in an accident, a tragic one). Years later, she's been diagnosed to suffer from breast cancer. She went through all the treatment and stuffs, but He knows better. She didn't get well even for a single day (as I remembered). She raised up her six children, which I know that was a very though job to do, plus she got no husband to support and help even she got more than enough money. I never seen the healthy Cik Ti. She looked so sick everyday, getting worse day by day. That was heart breaking to see someone who struggles from a very chronic disease trying to look happy and healthy in front of everyone (which she failed to do so). I know her sufferings, as she often told Abah her problems but I know there's a lot more sufferings she's been through that no one can ever understand. 

Last day in 2013, Allah finally fulfilled His promise to take Cik Ti back to Him. From Ummi's story, her death was in wudu', in fajr. Alhamdulillah, her suffering comes to the end. Maybe Allah want to let her rest, maybe Allah want to keep her closer to Him, wallahualam. Whatever it is, she's one of great mom I ever met throughout my life. Someone I close to. Al fatihah to Cik Ti. May we meet again, in jannah. InshaAllah I'll keep your words with me all the time. We miss you, Cik Ti. 

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