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They say, people change. And by change we mean inside out, be it the character of the person or physically or the state of mind. Question here, is change a good or bad thing? I know things like "it's great if you change to become good person bla bla", but even if that change is good for you, will it be good to others as well? I think, no one can answer to that, so let's just hope things don't turn any way worst than they already are.

Cut the crap out and just get to talking already okay, Maisarah?

I mean, I've changed myself. I know I did, even though physically I'm almost never getting any taller or thinner -.- whatever. I never expected that things might change with / around myself. So, in what way did I really changed? I guess I don't have the right answer to that, but I can feel it that few parts of me have changed. At least, the way I think, the way I deal with the same old shit. Of course, this had to do with growing up, getting to know people a…

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